Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"Let's make things better"



Why is it that people always seem to think that speaking louder will make you understand better? Please, please little lady, I don't know a word of Yugoslavian. Dear tourists, you come to MY country and get upset because I don't speak Italian? AND SPEAKING IN CAPITALS DOES NOT HELP, OK?

I've been working in shops long enough to know how this goes. The only way to communicate is drawings and body language. But seriously, you drawing a circle and pointing to it while repeating a word in x language - you're not making it better! C'mon, at least TRY, I know you can. Hey, at least I'm not the one going "aaaah-sah!" while drawing a big circle in mid air - like that weird but insanely funny Japanese person in the hospital scene, out of Lost in Translation.

And sometimes, just sometimes, these people seem to get so annoyed they just have to come back later on and show what they meant. Eggs. Seriously. You asked for eggs in a videostore? You ask for stamps in a photo store? And you think I'm stupid?


m2af - ur hed wil asploed, cum c

It's just...funny. LOL-kinda funny.

Monday, August 11, 2008

asleep while awake on a train

Too uninspired and too tired and should already be asleep anyways. This pretty much sums me up though.

Rapture - I miss you

Gawd I wish I was this good at costume making. Then again - would daddy going as a Big Daddy for Halloween really be a healthy memory for the kids? I don't know, I don't care, it's still friggin awesome!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

For those rainy days...

...this always cheers me up <3


Yeah ok, after numerous tries I've decided to just stick with this layout. At least for now.


I've taken up blogging say...once before. Ended up getting spam and odd friend requests which I didn't care for. Plus, I have always - and I do still, think that friends should not read eachothers blogs. Simply because it makes socializing less interesting. But the thing is, growing older often also includes seeing your friends a lot less than you'd wish for. To hell with Sex and the City friendships, I've never seen them in real life. There's this, and there's the fact that the everchanging Internet doesn't have any forums that apply to me at the moment. All forums and profiles that I've put years into, have come to an end. I've lost interest. Maybe blogging will be my new way of "foruming" like I used to. Yeah, I'll only be talking to myself, but then again, I'll will also hopefully avoid obnoxious kids. Kids of all ages.

So, I've come to the conclusion of trying out a blog. This will be my personal forum, diary of some kind, or just a place to post whatever I feel like. A place immune to the evergrowing pandemic of the Internet. My own city without green.

About the title

It's just something personal. Think pollen vs. my love of the colour green.