Tuesday, December 16, 2008

sweetness provides

I know it's a bank that's supposed to be crap. But hey. Banks in my country don't make ads this sweet so they've obviously done something right...

I used to love watching this ad for that brief time when I was living in England.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Today is...

o sleep in - much needed

o extra money - much needed

o free rentals a plenty

o free dinner since they forgot to charge me

o super cheap DVD boxes (Coen Bros and all of Back to the Future)

o salt and vinegar crisps - finally avaliable in super markets in Sweden again!

o cold beers in the fridge to go with them crisps BOOYA!

o Ben&Jerry's Cherry Garcia - a seriously big fuck off tub.

o will be able to work from home tomorrow - meaning sleeping in
and working while watching films. Hence I can stay up late tonight.

o Marshmellows to put in hot chocolate, and poke until it's melted away

...today is good.