Monday, April 20, 2009

because we all love gadgets n' stuff


The long lost Any Key
"Has your computer ever told you to "Press Any Key To Continue"? You searched and searched, but just couldn't find that elusive Any Key. Well, here is it.

The Any Key has a self-adhesive back so you can attach it to a keyboard or any other surface."


Das Keyboard Ultimate

"This is for the l33t, the very l33t.

Only a true master of geek can hope to operate this keyboard successfully. But the reward is great; instant recognition among your geek peers.

Why is this so cool? Because all the keys are blank, there's no looking, no safety line. It's just you and your keyboard. Man vs. machine."

Lots of cred to I will buy your stuff once I get rich enough.

I will definitely buy this: My Tunes Mp3 Speaker


...and this: Brick 4GB USB Memory Stick


...and speaking of Pirate Bay, they are ingenious.


"The verdict is in!
Limited Edition Trial Special!

The first round in the war called "The trial against The Pirate Bay" is over.

But as we all know, this is like the battle in WarGames, the Antipiracy folks can't win, "The only winning move is not to play" as the WOPR said. And sorry guys, but it's to late for that now. No matter the outcome you will always lose."

so this is also fun

istheshit 2.0 beta is out, come and try it here!

" is a virtual way of saying
that something is the shit!

Just go to any word you like,
followed by "" with your browser,
and see if someone already thinks it's the shit.
If not, you can upload your own image
to say it's the shit!"

wall of geek

So...this I wouldn't do it, but if someone had it, I'd probably be impressed.


A lot of giggles @ btw.

I wants it ^_^