Friday, April 29, 2011


To celebrate my Hungarian roots, here's a brilliant short.

Monday, April 25, 2011


Imagine a future when robots will be homeless and unemployed.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Saturday, April 16, 2011

creative doors

Staircase Hidden Door. Or - "How to hide your own personal batcave".

A two way door! This innovative ERGON door mounting system allows the door to be opened in both directions.

UK design group Slam has designed the world’s first 3-in-1 door. Love it.



This cosplay epic fail I don't even know where to begin...


because hell is on earth

...and here's proof.

His Coming Shall Be Foretold

"This is actually an undoctored picture of a fire at a chemical factory in the Netherlands. It took 150 firefighters to put out the flames, and while the plant burned completely to the ground, no injuries were recorded despite the toxic fumes. Though surrounding citizens were warned to stay inside to avoid possible respiratory infections and rampaging Balrogs."

His Shadow Shall Block the Sky

"This is what happens immediately after you finish signing that contract with Satan, and all you’re left with is a mysteriously echoing laugh. This is the Fourth Sign of the Coming, right before the ground starts bleeding but just after all cats disappear from the Earth. This is how you know God is displeased with your selection of Pope.
OK, so it’s actually a picture of a volcanic eruption at Fimmvorduhals in Iceland. But if you don’t think “flames overflowing the Earth, resulting in a dark red cloud blocking out the moon itself” is some sort of portent of the endtimes — then thanks for reading, Azazel of the Thousand Mouths! I appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule of raping betrayers to read my stuff. While you’re here, maybe you can click that Facebook share button; I bet Despair and Calthogh the Worm would get a kick out of this shit.

The Earth Shall Bleed

"This is a picture of, no shit, a place called Blood Falls in Antarctica. Here’s the actual explanation: “2 million years ago the Taylor Glacier sealed off a small body of water that contained a community of microbes. This small pool of wild animals has not seen oxygen, sunlight or heat since that time. As the earth warmed and the glaciers in Antarctica melted away, these organisms have been independently evolving for eons without any outside contact. Until now, when they’ve suddenly sprung forth from the glacier. The frothy water is rich in iron, which gives it the striking red color. These strangely alien microbes may exist nowhere else on earth, and they give scientists an idea of what kind of life may survive after the earth becomes uninhabitable by almost all other life forms.”
So, there’s a place called Blood Falls, located on the frozen, cruel and empty continent of Antarctica, that contains strange life forms which have been sealed away for untold ages, and have now awoken and spilled forth onto the world. Oh yeah, and they’ll probably be the last things alive on the planet.

His Servants Are Among Us

"This is most likely a common skin condition called a cutaneous horn, which is basically just compacted keratin — the same protein in hair and nails — protruding from the epidermis. If this is indeed a cutaneous horn, they’re often benign and can usually be removed surgically. Though that does not treat the underlying cause, which is either excessive sun exposure to already damaged skin, or the devil coming to live inside the empty shells left behind by suicides."

On a Fiery Steed He Rides

"This is either a picture of the exact moment that Satan busted out his hot rod and started tearing ass into the apocalypse, or else poor Marty’s stuck right at 87 MPH again. This photo was taken at Serra da Leba, a landmark road in Angola, and while it hasn’t been digitally altered, it is a long exposure taken over 60 seconds. You could cry foul that a manipulated image shouldn’t make the list, hypothetical reader, or you could choose to contemplate the implications of that fact instead. Perhaps evil moves at a different speed than man; perhaps it is a slow and creeping thing. And maybe, if you weren’t so rash, so impulsive — if you could just stop and consider it for one little minute — maybe you could finally trace back its fiery path."

In His Unholy House

"The entrance to hell is a labyrinth. A vast, snaking maze of caverns bathed in fire, where the lost and the damned wander, uncertain and afraid, for untold eons. The fires burn so hot and for so long in those twisted, screaming caves that the rock itself melts and drips down like water. The burning liquid passes through skin like air; it fuses to bone."


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Monday, April 4, 2011

don't leave me hanging on the aquarium

Benoit Deseille and Benedetto Bufalino have transformed a regular telephone booth into a functioning aquarium for the Lyon Light Festival in France.


Sunday, April 3, 2011


This is a beautiful bed for beautiful dreams. Preferably without an Enya soundtrack.

Float by Okooko, designed by David Trubridge. Okooko means “to cradle in arms” in Maori. source

Friday, April 1, 2011



"You can has magnetz

LOLCats r funny n cute. Wif dis LOLMagnetz set, makin ur own lolcats iz vry easy. Just git piccur ov teh cat (or othr animal ov ur choosin) an use teh magnetz 2 build teh capshun rite on ur refrigerator. Cuz they r magnets, they will also hold teh picchur ur capshunin. Iz amazin; iz miracle; iz LOLMagnetz."