Saturday, February 26, 2011


Penny Arcake

So this Penny Arcade cake is friggin UH-MAZING. Note the details!

"As the webcomic centers around various forms of gaming and nerd culture, it logically follows that the cake would feature some geeky past-times – namely, table-top and console gaming. Gabe is holding up a 20-sided die, on which the 20 has been replaced with a 40, as the cake was made for a 40th birthday celebration. It’s an interesting way to show the age of the cake’s recipient, compared to the the traditional way of writing it on the cake.
Tycho is sitting comfortably beside him on the distinctly purple gaming couch that is frequently featured in the strip. As always, he’s playing video games – to be more specific, he’s playing video games on an NES which has been rendered in minute detail. The NES even has the word Nintendo painted on the side, and even the buttons on the controller have been illustrated flawlessly.

The detail on the pile of Penny Arcade books is practically microscopic, but the cover of the top one is undoubtedly “The Splendid Magic of Penny Arcade”, the anthology celebrating the comic strip’s 11 ½ year anniversary.
Turning comic strip characters into believable 3-d figurines is no easy task, and the fondant characters do look a bit lumpy. However, the characters are still smooth enough to feel like they’ve been accurately conveyed in three-dimensions, and they are instantly recognizable as the Penny Arcade protagonists. The vivid colours also contribute to the cake’s cartoon-like atmosphere, and the overall piece is vibrant and fun. Like any good designer confection, the Penny Arcade looks cake way too good to eat.


ball lightning

"This bizarre electrical phenomenon usually occurs during thunderstorms and lasts for up to thirty seconds. Balls of lightening are said to behave in strange ways, hovering, rolling, hissing and sometimes passing through walls, in a way that seems completely unnatural. As a result, ball lightening has long been associated with aliens and ghosts, and the kind of pseudo-psychic head-cases who believe they can communicate with the other side. Thousands of people throughout history have reported seeing ball lightening, including Benjamin Franklin and my grandmother, but until recently their claims were largely ignored. However, with an increasing amount of photographic and video evidence available, scientists have now begun to take ball lightening seriously and are now attempting to recreate this entirely natural phenomenon within the confines of a laboratory." Ooooh I want to see this so bad!

freaky geeky car mods

...this adorable batmobile. GIMMIE!


Friday, February 25, 2011

Monday, February 21, 2011

it's time for...

...the coolest clock ever. source

Tubular Time Clock source

It's so pretty, and cool. I want it. source

Thursday, February 17, 2011


I don't give a flying...

Give the gift of F*CK!

Hey... we're all jaded and sometimes you just don't give a flying f*ck... but wouldn't it be nice if you could? Now you can give a flying f*ck to a friend or loved one. This fine r/c helicopter is in the form of a giant hovering F*CK. source

Monday, February 14, 2011

day of all hearts

Today will be accompanied by;

M83 - Run Into Flowers (Midnight Fuck Remix by Jackson)

Anomaly - Chill. America's best kept secret.

Bonobo - Terrapin.

Four Tet - Angel Echoes.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Saturday, February 12, 2011

retro coffee table

I friggin love this table, stylish AND clever. Mmm-hmm!



Innovative, and I like.




I'd laugh too

It's in Polish...but trust me, you don't need to understand the language to get the funny parts...

Monday, February 7, 2011

Linus Linus Linus

His embrace, a fortress
It fuels me
And places
A skeleton of trust
Right beneath us
Bone by bone
Stone by stone

If you ask yourself patiently and carefully:
Who is it?
Who is it that never lets you down?
Who is it that gave you back your crown?

And the ornaments are going around
Now they're handing it over
Handing it over

He demands a closeness
We all have earned a lightness
Carry my joy on the left
Carry my pain on the right

If you ask yourself patiently and carefully:
Who is it?
Who is it that never lets you down?
Who is it that gave you back your crown?

And the ornaments are going around
Now they're handing it over
Handing it over

Who would have known
That a boy like him
Would have entered me lightly
Restoring my blisses

Who would have known
That a boy like him
After sharing my core
Would stay going nowhere

Who would have known
A beauty this immense
Who would have known
A saintly trance

Who would have known
Miraculous breath
To inhale a beard
Loaded with courage

Who would have known
That a boy like him
Possessed of magical
Would approach a girl like me
Who caresses cradles his head
In a bosom

He slides inside
Half awake, half asleep
We faint back
Into sleephood
When I wake up
The second time
In his arms
He's still inside me

Who would have known
Who would have known

A train of pearls
Cabin by cabin
Is shot precisely
Across an ocean

From a mouth
From a
From the mouth
Of a girl like me
To a boy
To a boy
To a boy


Instantaneous cure!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

control me

Ask around, female geeks are attractive to many men. Whether they wear glasses, always have their nose in a book, or have a big interest in writing code; they've just got it. These women don't always dress like they stepped off a runway. Sometimes, they're most comfortable in a t-shirt and jeans to accompany their spectacles. That doesn't mean they don't want the chance to flaunt it too, which is where the idea for a suggestive geek t-shirt came up.

Yup, this t-shirt does have a giant controller printed on the front. That might not be all that significant, but the button placement is. In case a geeky girl's geeky guy needs a little assistance, there are even arrows with instruction for finger placement just in case they don't get it. Geeky gals who wear this t-shirt won't just have a chance to flaunt it; they might just get as much lovin' as their guys' favorite video games at the same time. source

Thursday, February 3, 2011

think geek

It truly sucks that their shipping costs are so high for Europeans, I'd love me some of this.

8-bit ribbons for my anime hair, yuh uh!

Some say love is a series of chemical reactions in the brain, but what is the result of those chemical reactions? Ion exchange causes a small electric charge to travel through the circuits in the brain creating cascading reactions of serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine... all coalesce into what we call love. It's easy to break down such a wonderful mechanism full of magic and emotion into something as dry as biology, but you're a geek and that's how you roll.

This beautiful stainless-steel and silver chain necklace represents the circuitry that make up the neurochemical pathways of love - give it to your sweetheart to remind them that your neurotrophin levels are significantly higher now that they’re in your life.

You silver tongued devil, you! source

zombie jerky

Eat or be eaten.

So you've destroyed the brains of your first zombie. Congrats! But now what? What do you do with the festering, rotting body? It was just this question that plagued (get it?) us at TG Zombie Defense HQ. We thought about mailing them to someone we didn't like, but that was just too costly (and he had already been zombified, anyways). After a lot of discussion, we decided the only sensible thing to do with the re-dead undead was to eat them. A few experiments later, we discovered the only safe way to eat zombie corpses was to turn them into Zombie Jerky!

Zombie Jerky is a delicious way of dealing with the undead. Seriously, though, Zombie Jerky is really just tasty chunks of teriyaki beef jerky - accented with green stuff. Packaged in a neato specimen pouch, Zombie Jerky will prove to everyone that you'll eat anything (and also earn you lots of grossed out looks). And all the while, you'll know it's not really ex-people. Or is it?!? Hey, zombies have been eating us for years - it's time for us to return the favor with Zombie Jerky. source